Bride of Deimos Manga Returns

topIn the February issue of Akita Shoten's shojo magazine Mystery Bonita, an announcement was made regarding the return of the shojo manga Bride of Deimos.

Written by Etsuko Ikeda and illustrated by Yuuho Ashibe, Bride of Deimos, which began in 1975, is one of Akita Shoten's most popular shojo manga and one of Akita Shoten's four longest-running series, with 17 tankoubons and 12 bunko-sized books (pocket/novel-sized re-packagings of the tankoubon) released to In the last volume of the bunko-sized book, the author wrote a note which many fans interpreted as an announcement of the series' end, so most people thought Bride of Deimos was over.

Bride of Deimos is about the story of Deimos, a former god who became a demon as a punishment of his relationship with his sister. Now he must choose between his sister, a goddess whose corpse is rotting at the bottom of the ocean, and the living human incarnation of his sister.

According to the announcement, the manga will return with all new artworks, with the characters looking more gorgeous than ever.

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waiting for long time ^^

Wooowww... I really happy Bride of Deimos will come back ^^ Wish it quick reallise in Indonesia ^^ Wait more info.. Thank you ^^

Superlong Wait!

Im happy the mangaka decided to finish this series. I really hope some company take this and continue the english version here in the usa.

As the owner of the Official TAFL Fanlisting for Bride of Deimos

I am VERY VERY VERY happy about this! :-)



The Bride of Deimos OAV is

The Bride of Deimos OAV is impossible to get, but the sountrack for it can be found on Amazon. I bought it even though I can't understand anything they are saying. lol There are songs and scenes played out by voice actors. (The man acting as Deimos sounds incredibly sexy! :D) I'm always on the look out for more info on the OAV though, and would be happy to leave updates where ever I can.

Bride of Deimos

Actually I acquired the OAV from EBAY. My only issue now is trying to translate as I got the OAV as an old rental tape from Japan thus no subtitles. My Japanese is not perfect and I do not know anything about fansubbing or dubbing so that is where we must leave this to experts. I have been looking for someone who can at least fan sub it for me I can convert the file so It is digital if needed. I am not giving up my tape though since it is super rare.

Are you for reals!!!

I love this manga. I had reread the english ver. a couple of time already and i cant wait for the other volumes!!


Thank you, Manga God! (Cause there obviously is one!) I'm so happy, I'm crying.