Osamu Tezuka Culture Award 10th Anniversary Book Review

Japanese blog Kuro Tenshi no Blog recently posted a review of the book"AERA COMIC - Nippon no Manga," which is the memorial mook for the 10th anniversary of the Osamu Tezuka Culture Award. The book contains summaries of works and topics related to past Tezuka award winners and most talked-about manga in the last ten years.

The book contains many interesting reports on the consistency of Naoki Urasawa's short comic series "Comic Navi for Adults," which was created in an interval of twelve years. Kuro Tenshi no Blog has posted an excerpt of an interview found in the book:

An interview with Takehiko Inoue (Interviewer: Kiyoshi Shigematsu)

Shigematsu: Like you said, it's all about the "process," I can see a consistency of "process" in your DVDs, your website, and so on. You like "process," don't you?

Inoue: Yes I do.

Shigematsu: "Process" stands for "a certain course," and right now it means "ongoing,"
kind of like what I'm feeling right now in this interview. [...] Reading is movement, and
turning over a page is also movement, isn't it?

Inoue: Yes, that is right. Though today one can read manga on the Web and mobile phones, unless there is technology which reproduces the same sense as physically turning over a page by a hand, I won't let anyone to read my works on the Web and mobile phones.

Shigematsu: Because the movement is related to one's body.

Inoue: Readers come in. Through the rhythm of turning over pages, the readers feel the scent of papers.