Another Online Store Selling Complete Sets of Old Manga Opened

Tags:, an online manga shopping site selling only complete sets of old manga series, opened in August and instantly became famous. The online store's business experienced a great start, as the site has sold more than 20,000 manga in just one month.

Recently another online manga store, (全巻読破.COM), supported by Prima Project Corporation in Kawasaki city, opened on October 16th. Like MangaZenkanm, ZenkanDokuha focuses on selling complete sets of old manga.

The goal of ZenkanDokuha's business strategy, like, is to meet the demand for complete sets of manga series. According to reports, bulk-buying on eBookJapan (an online store) accounts for 15 percent of its sales, and the purchased price on average ranges from 6,000 yen to 7,000 yen, which shows that the sale of complete sets of old manga series is in high demand.

Because the demand for complete sets of manga is expected to increase, the company will establish new distributions of old manga.

Selling complete sets of old manga series was thought to be a small niche, but with more companies entering the market, the business may become more popular. It will be interesting to see how things will develop in the future.