Salón del Manga Coverage, New Manga Announced and More

During this year's XII Salón del Manga event, which took place in Spain from October 27th to October 29th, many large Spanish manga publishers announced their plans for the upcoming year, as well as new manga titles that will be released in late 2006 and early 2007. Spanish anime and manga news website AniMangaWeb has the full coverage of the event, below are some major announcements that were announced during the event:


La Cúpula (
La Cúpula revealed thier interest in publishing more Korean manhwa, ¡Run Bon-Gu! by Byung Byung Jun caught the attention of many during the event. La Cúpula also announced that they have at least 10 works from Senno Knife (False Appearances and Shitaro) to waiting in line, and that they wish to continue to publish manga from this author. Also mentioned was Senno Knife's plan to publish two more works of Hideshi Hino (the Young Worm and The Red Serpent) in 2007 to reinforce the publisher's line of Terror, which was a big success in Spain.


Mangaline announced several new titles:

- Tactics by Sakura Kinoshita and Kazuo Higashiyama
- Gamerz Heaven by Maki Murakami
- Boku to Kanojo no XXX Ai Morinaga
- Vassalord by Nanae Chrono
- Senki Senki Momotama by Nanae Chrono

Glénat (

In the seinen scene, Glénat announced 4 new titles by Motofumi Kobayashi (mangaka of Cat Shit One):

- Omega 7
- Operation Barbarossa
- Vietnam War
- Kampfgruppe ZVB

Other announced seinen manga include:

- The Best Episodes of Golgo 13 by Takao Saito
- Sex by Atsushi Kamijo
- Sky High by Tsutomu Takahashi
- Forget me Not by Kenji Tsuruta
- Dien Bien Phu by Nishijima Daisuke
- Tokyo Tribe 2 by Santa Inoue
- Robot by various

Glénat will also be releasing the following shonen manga:

- Hayate the Combat Butler by Kenjiro Hata

Ikkyu by Hisashi Sakaguchi will be released in catalán. Two manga from Rumiko Takahashi will also be re-edited and released: 1 or W and One Pound Gospel.

In the shojo category, two manga from Yuu Watase: Genbu Kaiden and Imadoki, and Takanashi Mitsuba's Crimson Hero were announced

Last, but not at least, the Collection Clásicos Manga (Manga Classics) will feature 3 works from Osamu Tezuka: The New Treasure Island, Lost World, and Next World.

Planeta DeAgostini (

Planeta DeAgostini announced that the first volume of Pluto will be released in April 2007 in time of the Salón del Comic of Barcelona. Also announced were Shirley by Kaoru Mori.

Planeta DeAgostini also expressed interest in Bobobo, Get Backers, and Dragon Quest kanzenban (Perfect Edition).


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Part of this information is

Part of this information is false. Please, contrast your sources.

As stated, the source is

As stated, the source is AniMangaWeb, if there is false information, please contact them. If there is a translational error, then please point it out. Thanks.

It willl be better

If you show what part of this information is false.

The information is right

All of this information is right because if signed by AniMangaWeb STAFF. If someone think some is false, please report to our forum witch exactlly news is wrong.


On behalf of

Dear friends,

My name is Miguel and I'm one of the editors of AniMangaWeb.

All the information published in is absolutely accurate.

We could only point out, just a mere translational error as Gumugum previously stated, that some titles announced by Ediciones Glénat (such as Golgo 13, Sex, Sky High, Forget me Not, Dien Bien Phu, Tokyo Tribe 2 and Robot) are considered seinen and not shonen series.

We could also clarify (as we announced in our web) that Bobobo, Get Backers and Dragon Quest are still under study by Planeta DeAgostini Comics and not officially announced.

I would also like to thank Comipress for their support and for the incredible coverage of manga and anime news coming all around the world they have been carrying out since they came online.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about this event.

Best Regards,


There is a translational

There is a translational error.

Bobobo, Get Backers and Dragon Quest are not yet licensed by Planeta de Agostini, the only one confirmed was Shirley.

The articles says that Planeta have interest in those series (Bobobo, etc.), but only Shirley is licensed for the time being.


Thank you all for the corrections :) The article has been updated to fix the errors.

Miguel Ortega Pereira: Thanks for the comment, it's always good to hear people from other parts of the world enjoys our site, especially from another site like AniMangaWeb, which is a great source of information for Anime/Manga in Spanish.

P.S. If you register an account on CP, then you can post commments directly without having to wait for them to be approved. :)

Thanks again

Thanks for all and for the compliments towards and our new baby Mangazine, just born and really dificult to be looked after :)

PD: As you can see I have already registered myself so it's probable you'll see me posting here from time to time.

As you can see I have

As you can see I have already registered myself so it's probable you'll see me posting here from time to time.

Hope you enjoy your stay around here! :)