Broccoli Books - E'S Volume 1 and KAMUI Volume 5

MangaCast posts two manga announcements from Broccoli Books: "E'S Volume 1 - January 2007!" and "KAMUI Volume 5 Shipping!"

E'S Volume 1 - January 2007!

Dear MangaCast Readers,

Broccoli Books is excited to bring one of the most anticipated manga titles from Japan to English readers. We are honored to publish E’S by master storyteller Satol Yuiga.

Featuring a engrossing and complex storyline and augmented by Yuiga’s amazing artwork, E’S is a masterpiece of shoujo manga storytelling that examines human relationships in a world on the brink of war.

Vol. 1 Summary

In a world where those born with psychic powers are persecuted, Kai Kudou joins the elite psychic forces of Ashurum to save those who have been victimized by prejudice and hate. On a mission to stem the flow of violence in the city of Gald, Kai finds himself attacked by the very citizens he hoped to protect, and engaged in battle with one of his own teammates! Wounded and alone, Kai is captured by the gun-for-hire Yuuki Tokugawa and his mysterious sister Asuka, in an encounter that will change his life forever.

Written and illustrated by: Satol Yuiga
Release Date: January 10, 2007
Format: Trade Paper
Trim Size:5 x 7
Age Range:16 & up
Page Count:224
US Price:$9.99

-Excellent storyline that has action and romance that is more mature and darker than some of the manga available today.
- Very appealing artwork by Satol Yuiga, this title is considered shoujo manga equivalent of Fullmetal Alchemist by Japanese publisher Square Enix!
- Aimed toward teen and older readers.
- Anime Tie-in! Released on DVD by ADV Films as E'S Otherwise.
- CROSSPROMOTION with ADV Films release of the E’S Othewise DVD Box Set.
- High quality manga release from Broccoli Books. Focusing on translation and production quality, Broccoli Books is known as one of the best manga publishers in the US because of this attention to detail.

***Note that this title is rated 16+ due to mature themes and scenes of violence and bloodshed.***

About Satol Yuiga

Satol Yuiga is the author and artist of several manga titles, including Laz Meridian (published in Japan by Akita Shoten) and Seventh Saga (published in Japan by Square Enix). E’S will be her first manga published in the US.

KAMUI Volume 5 Shipping!

Dear MangaCast Readers,

The next volume of KAMUI is available on October 25, 2006 from Broccoli Books!

Shingo Nanami brings readers into a post-apocalyptic world where the future hangs in the balance and a young man holds the key to its destruction.

Love, power, anger, and betrayal intertwine as the mystery behind NOA and its connection to Atsuma’s past deepen.

Vol. 5 Summary

In the aftermath of the devastation wrought by Utsuho, Atsuma lies near death at the secret NOA hideout. Sumire and Kojomaru realize they have a common goal: Utsuho. Together, they return to the ruins of NOA headquarters for both Utsuho and Okikurumi. But before they can continue, Sumire must face Shiki. Can Sumire reach her goal in time? Meanwhile, Yanagi and Hyde search for Atsuma in order to finish him once and for all.

Release Date: October 25, 2006
SRP: $9.99
Page Count: 225
ISBN-10: 1-59741-052-7
ISBN-13: 9781597410526
Genre: Action/Sci-Fi

Special Features
• 2 page Color Insert
• After word by Artist
• Character introduction
• Translation Notes
• Voucher for Limited Edition Dust Jacket*
• And more!

About Shingo Nanami

Ambidextrous, but draws with left hand only.
DOB November 19th.
Likes penguins, Relakkuma, Studio Ghibli.
Doesn't like shrimp, black coffee, heavy cream, and bugs.

*While supplies last.