"Gareki no Shou" Reprinted after being Out of Print for 12 Years

"Gareki no Shou" is a garage kit manga by Kazuhiko Shimamoto that was originally published in 1995. After being out of print for 12 years, Akiba Blog points out that Gareki no Shou is now being reprinted by Fox Shuppan.

Kazuhiko Shimamoto once said on his website, "This manga is the first Garage Kit Manga in the world." The book band on the cover says, "A story about men and how their youth, no, their entire life! Just read it!” The "publisher's note" on Fox Shuppan's website says, "Look at the life of these men who spend all their life on Gareki." "Gareki no Shou" consists of 2 parts. Part 1, titled "My Life for Gareki" and "A Impressive Figure," revolves around an exchange student named Garegikido Shou. Part 2 is about events, including "A Hot Guy's Festival," "An Indiscreet Decision" "Ashita no Show," as well as a short epilogue.

What is a "Gareki"? According to Wikipedia, "Gareki (garage kits) are amateur-produced model kits.” Hatena Diary once said, "The Gareki reflects its creator's enthusiasm more than similar products from big companies. Many Gareki have great molding that can never be found in mass-produced models."

Source: Akiba Blog