New Negima!? Manga to Start in Comic BomBom

A new manga based on the Negima anime will start serialization in the November issue of Comic BomBom (10/14), the artist will be Takuya Fujima.

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Let me get this straight...

Let me get this straight... they're making a manga based on an anime that was originally based on a manga? o.O

Interesting... I have only

Interesting... I have only kept up with the Negima manga so far. I have the first few episodes in my harddrive :o

Maybe I should watch the anime to see how far it deviates from the source.


Don't bother, the anime is

Don't bother, the anime is quite horrible compared to the manga.

There talking about a new

There talking about a new series aclled "Negima?!" that starts airing this fall. Not previously existing TV series actually based on manga events. :3

The anime was sadly horrible

The anime was sadly horrible compared to the manga and it isn't the first time different versions of the same title were released look at "Train Man." There are 3 different manga versions of it.

Not the old anime, the NEW anime

I believe this manga will be covering the story that will be in the forthcoming anime Negima?! set to air this October, not the FIRST Negima anime which aired back in the first half of 2005. My understanding is that this Negima series won't follow the manga story either, which is probably why they felt it needed a manga of its own.