Japanese Firm Produces Digital Manga Creation Line


Kyodo Printing (based in Bunkyoku, Tokyo. President: Yamaguchi Masahiro) has released a "Digital Manga-Creation" line, which is based on their full digital manga-creation system "ComicPacker" and their moire reduction technology "ComicScreen."

Using this system, the time it takes to create manga will be shortened, and the total digitalization quality will be greatly increased. Also, publishing your work to secondary digital media such as cell phones and the Web will result in a more smooth experience.

ComicPacker was introduced as a plugin to Adobe's Adobe InDesign. Kyodo Printing
integrated its own printing techniques with the Macintosh DTP to create a system specially suited for manga production. ComicScreen prevents "moire," stripes that are caused by different strengths of dotted patterns. Combined with ComicPacker, the appearance of "moire" lines are prevented when transferring media from magazines or book, resulting in cleaner data being preserved.

Since Kyodo Printing introduced its digital manga-production system in 2001, while somewhat satisfied with the result, the firm has been proposing a "digital manga-production" solution to all publishers. The firm will continue to expand its equipments and techniques, as well as setting its sights on and investigating collaboration opportunities with other firms into new fields. As for its Manga Digital Production line, the firm's goal is to make 10 billion yen in its first year, and 15 billion yen by the third year of its production.

Translated by Lijaka