Lovely Complex To Be Made Into PS2 Game

The popular manga 'Lovely Complex ~Punch de Conto~' will be be made into a Videogame!

Laughter brings about miracles!

It will be an adventure game based on the popular manga Lovely Complex. In the game main plot the player will be able to enjoy the manga's funny love story. The player can experience different plotlines by using comebacks and different reactions during events, and getting your partner's heart by using "laughs".

Intro to the Game's Flow

The game is made up of three parts: The prologue, Punch de Conto, and Epilogue; The player progress through the game by repeating these three sections. In the prologue, the player will be able to revisit important scenes from the manga by reading through text.

Once the player makes progress in the prologue story, the game moves on to Punch de Conto. In this part, the player reacts to the main character's partner's lines through timing and "comebacks" to develop the conversation. If done well, the main character will earn love points. Once enough love points are earned, the story development changes.

In the epilogue, the results from the player's actions in Punch de Conto are shown. Pass these sections in turn and fully experience the world of the manga!

Great partners in the manga

Koizumi Lisa: The story's main character. She's called 'Deka Onna' because she's unusually tall. Because of her exquisite meeting with her classmate Ootani Atsushi, they're called the 'All-Hanshin Giants'. She doesn't get spectacular grades and she's not great at sports, but she makes everyone around her feel happy. Leap before looking! She's often egged on by her friends and acts recklessly, then fails and gets depressed, then gets cheered up and recovers. She's a jet-coaster girl!

Ootani Atsushi: He's shorter than usual and is called 'Chissai Otoko'. His fantastic obtuseness and reactions are really popular with his classmates as a manzai pair, but his grades aren't very good. Right now he's in the middle of really hard studying. He's short, but as the basketball captain his spirit and perserverance are equal to anyone.

Nakao Hirayoshi: He's always smiling and happy, he's the moodmaker of the group. He and Nobu-chan are totally love-love together! His nickname is Nakaocchi.

Ishihara Nobuko: Lisa's reliable best friend, she doesn't miss a beat concerning fashion or love. She and her boyfriend Nakaocchi are totally love-love. Her dream is to be a bride. Her nickname is Nobu-chan.

Suzuki Ryouji: His long, slim arms and legs contribute to his mysterious, Prince Charming aura. Lisa fell in love at first sight with him, but lately, it seems he is thinking of Chiharu-chan. His nickname is Suzuki-kun.

Tanaka Chiharu: An innocent cute girl that's surrounded by a peaceful aura. Ootani tried to approach her, but it seems that she is interested in Suzuki-kun. Her nickname is Chiharu-chan.

Limited Edition will also be available!

To go along with the game's summer release, a 3-part set comes with the Limited Edition. Bring along your "Lovely Complex ~Punch de Conto~" goods to the beach!

Here are the extras that come with the Limited Edition (There are limited supplies, so pre-order yours today!):

Info from

Lovely Complex ~Punch de Conto~

AQ Interactive
For: Playstation 2
Release Date: July 13, 2006 (planned)
Price: 6090Y with tax (Limited Edition 9240Y with tax)
Genre: Adventure / Comedy Comic
Notes: The limited edition comes with a speaker bag, special beach ball, and special handtowel designed by Nakahara Aya

(c) 2001 Nakahara Aya / Shueisha Bessatsu Margaret (c) 2006 'Lovely Complex' Seisaku Iinkai
(c) AQ Interactive 2006
* Pictured items are works in progress.

Translator: Jill (lijakaca)

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XDDD I really enjoyed this

XDDD I really enjoyed this manga! ??_?? I'll have to get an emulator when it comes out. X3

I LOVE LOVE LOVE lovely complex!!!

I wish they would translate this game and release it in the U.S. >.<