Saint Seiya Revival: Next Dimension Meio Shinwa

Saint Seiya will be revived in next week's Shounen Champion. Unlike the recent Saint Saiya Episode G by Okada Megumu (serializes in Champion Red), here, this time the original creator for Saint Seiya, Masami Kurumada, will be responsible for the revival.

Saint Saiya was one of the most popular series from Shounen Jump in the latter half of the 80's. The animation was being broadcasted every Saturday at 7pm (it was especially popular in Europe).

This marks the first time in 14 years (since "Silent Night Tsubasa") that Masami Kurumada's work is published in a Weekly Magazine. After his departure from Weekly Shounen Jump, Masami Kurumada's work has been published in monthly publications such as Shounen Ace, Bussiness Jump and Champion Red.