Gegege no Kitaro will be adapted into a live action movie. Wentz Eiji will be playing Kitaro, while Inoue Mao will play the heroin.

A video on Youtube which takes a tour through Clamp's studio.

Thought Death Note ended? Behold the 13th volume of Death Note, an official analysis manual - The last "piece" that will help readers discover all the mysteries of Death Note.

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Nihon Terebi will broadcast the first 12 minutes of the Death Note movie late in the night 6 days from June 26th.

The first week box office sales for the first Death Note movie was more than 700,000. Opening in the midst of the World Cup, the movie still managed to show impressive sales, as well as topping the Da Vinci Code two weeks in a row.

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Chibi Maruko-chan by Momoko Sakura has sold over 10,000,190 copies in China, becoming one of the best-selling "official" manga in China.

A new Chinese manga anthology called Shounen Longman Sunday (Longman: Dragon Comic) will start in July. The new monthly magazine (comes out on the 1st) will serialize popular Japanese Shounen Sunday series such as Detective Conan and Inuyasha.

French publisher Humanoides has announced a new global manga anthology magazine titled Shogun, which will feature works from European artists.

Sojitz Corporation invests in A.D. Vision (ADV) to increase licensing and release.


Kai-Ming Cha at PW takes a in-depth look at Blame! mangaka Tsutomu Nihei in the article "The Cyberpunk World of Tsutomu Nihei."