Shorter Series

The Mermaid Saga, One-Pound Gospel and the Rumic series are three of Takahashi's shorter works.

The Mermaid Saga is a horror series that tells the story of a boy named Yuta and a girl named Yuta, both immortal due to the curse of the mermaid's flesh. The pair travels together throughout Japan to find a cure for their immortality.

One-Pound Gospel is a romantic comedy that centers around a young boxer named Kosaku Hatanaka, who is trying to win over the heart of the novice nun Sister Angela.

The Rumic World/Theater/Trilogy is a series of short comedic stories created by Rumiko Takahashi, mostly created early in her career.


Rumic Theater, The Ring and the Rosary and Mermaid's Flesh are fansites to Rumiko Takahashi's three shorter works, namely One-Pound Gospel, the Rumic World/Theater/Trilogy series and the Mermaid Saga.

After their decision to create The Inuyasha Companion, the Acres brothers realized that they were basically going to have to create a site for everything Takahashi did, which includes things like the Mermaid Saga, One-Pound Gospel and her short stories.

Rumic Theater was developed by Harly in 2000 over the course of a weekend. After Rumic World's birth in May of 2002, Mermaid's Flesh was added to the collective by Harley and Dylan a few months later. Finally in 2003, Dylan designs and launches The Ring and the Rosary, thus completing their quest to cover all the works Takahashi did up to that point.

Due to the relatively small size of these sites, all three sites will be covered in one section.

Rumic Theater

Rumic Theater 2000 Rumic Theater 2003 April
Rumic Theater 2000 - The first index. Rumic Theater 2003 April - The second index.
Rumic Theater 2003 August Rumic Theater 2006
Rumic Theater 2003 August - The third index. Rumic Theater 2006 - The index used in 2006.

The Ring & The Rosary

Gospel Gospel - 2006 December 25th
Gospel - The first design, lasted until 2006 December, when a new index was put up to celebrate the ending of One Pound Gospel in Japan. Gospel - 2006 December 25th

Mermaid's Flesh

Mermaid - The only design there ever was.