August, 2007

An exhibition featuring artworks submitted to Tokyopop's U.K. The Rising Stars of Manga competition will take place at the Museum of East Asian Art in Bath, England 21st August, 2007:

Reflecting the unique fusion of the traditional art of Japanese manga with Western characters, storylines and concepts, this exhibition uncovers a new range of beautiful and eye-catching illustrations from some of the UK's most talented emerging manga artists.

Source: ANN

ICv2 has released the July 2007 top 100 graphic novel sales estimates and the top 300 comics sales estimates based on Diamond Indexes and Publisher Title Data. Also from ICv2 is an analysis of the trends in July based on the graphic novel sales chart.

Kadokawa Shoten will be releasing the first issue of Kerokero Ace, a new manga/toys/game informational magazine, on 10/26. The magazine will be released on a bi-monthly basis, and will cost 480 yen.

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In the latest issue of Flipped, David Welsh interviews CMX's Jim Chadwick (Editor) and Asako Suzuki (Director of Manga), who talk about CMX's recovery as well as growth.

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Anime News Networking is currently looking for a new Assistant Programmer as well as an Ad Sales Person:

ANN is looking to hire an ad sales-person and an assistant programmer. Both jobs are part time. Details are available here.

According to SaiAni, an announcement was made in the October issue of Square Enix's Gekkan G Fantasy that Switch by Naked Ape (Otoh Saki (story) and Tomomi Nakamura (art) will be adapted into an OAV as well as a stage show.

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The American Library Association has its list of nominations for the Great Graphic Novels for Teens Award, compiled by the Young Adult Library Services Association, a division of the American Library Association. Below are a list of manga nominated, compiled by

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According to Chuosha, the November issue (9/19) of Tokuma Shoten's Comic Ryu will come with a free DVD of the Legend of the Galactic Heroes film: Legend of the Galactic Heroes: My Conquest is the Sea of Stars. The special supplement is meant to celebrate the 1 year revival of Comic Ryu, as well as the 20th anniversary of the Legend of the Galactic Heroes novels.

Source: ANN

Canned Dogs reports that the Japanese blog Dekadenbiyori is not impressed with the English version of the Shakugan no Shana light novel, commenting on the poor translation and the fact that the protagonist Yuji Sakai's speech are composed of 41% "Ugh," 25% What?!, and the rest some other kinds of exclamatory statements.

topTokoToko Editor's Misc. Note, a blog run by a female manga editor who has been in the business for over 15 years, has posted a multi-part article titled "The Reason I Quit as a Manga Editor." Below is a translation of part four of the article:

The Reason I Quit My Job as a Manga Editor Part IV

If you don't try something for yourself, you won't be able to understand: that's how it is with everything.

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topComic Market, or Comiket, is the world's largest comic convention. Currently Comiket is held twice a year, first in mid-August then late December, at the Tokyo Big Sight.

Comiket 72 took place from August 17th - 19th. According to Mantan Web, over 170,000 fans attended Comiket 72 on day 1, 180,000 attended on day 2 and 200,000 on day 3, resulting in a total attendance of 550,000 - the highest attendance in Comiket history.

Below are some English Comiket 72 reports from around the web:

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Celsys, the company behind the manga creation software Comic Studio, has announced an English version (PDF) of the Comic Studio Enterprise. The new software is intended to aid foreign artists in the creation of mobile manga, e-books and comics, and also aims to increase Celsys' presence in the oversea market. According to the announcement, those who already own the Japanese version of the software can simply sign a new contract in order to gain access to the English version.

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Active Anime has announced the winners of its 3rd anniversary contests:

Manga Studio Software:
Lissa Pattillo of Nova Scotia, Canada

Galaxy Angel Rune:
Erin Hatcher of Avondale, Arizona
Kate Renner of Brookyn, NY

According to its latest blog post, Broccoli Book's yaoi imprint Boysenberry imprint will have a booth at this year's Yaoi-Con, with Delivery Cupid and Pet on Duty available at the booth.

Also mentioned was a possible cooperation with Aurora Publishing at Yaoi-Con:

Editor Samantha & I had a meeting w/ Aurora Publishing today. Mainly for information exchange & how we can work together at Yaoi Con.

Houbunsha has released a new magazine on 8/8 titled Kyuukyoku Renai Chocolat, an add-on magazine to Manga Time Special.

Also, Ohzora Shuppan has released a new "teens love" manga magazine magazine on 7/31 titled Koi Mato Dengon (RabuDen).

Hit Shuppansha has launched the official websites for two of its adult magazines:

From PingMag comes an interview with Simona Pini, an Italian/English manga translator who translated titles such as Air Gear, Bleach, Steel Ball Run, Host Club and Nana. In the interview Simona shares her experience as a manga translator:

Let's get a bit practical: What would be a typical day for a manga translator?

Well, usually I wake up at 4 in the afternoon, turn on my computer, read my mail - and get lost on the internet. I read the Panini forum because I like to read what our readers think, and I do Mixi. Eventually I start working until the morning...

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Beating the summer heat, contests and reviews in Episode 47!

GRIMES, IA, August 17, 2007 – Anime producer and mega-online anime retailer Right Stuf, Inc. is pleased to present this year's Anime Iowa 2007 special - featuring new interviews with convention guests Jonathan Klein and Greg Ayres, segments with representatives from several upcoming Midwest conventions, chats with cosplayers and convention attendees, and more - all in episode 47 of ANIME TODAY!

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ADV Films has re-launched its official website. As a result, the ADV Manga section of the website also received a re-design after almost three years of inactivity.

Below is a round-up of all the manga-related adaptation news announcements for the first half of August:

- The Prince of Tennis will be adapted into a live-action drama in China.

- VIZ Pictures has announced plans to release a Lovely Complex live-action movie in the spring of 2008.

- Shigeshoshi by Mitsukazu Mihara (DOLL), known as The Embalmer in the U.S., will be adapted into a live-action television drama.

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Mainichi Daily News has published an article on Comiket 72, which is taking place from the 17th through the 19th at the Tokyo Big Sight:

About 36,000 organizations will put cartoons, novels, music and game software programs on sale at Comic Market. [...] The fair proved popular and soon expanded. It began being held at Tokyo Big Sight in the summer of 1996. It is now held every summer and winter and hopes to attract 500,000 visitors.

Fred Gallagher, one of the first guests announced for Connichi 2007, revealed that he won't be able to attend this year's convention "due to family circumstances."

Connichi 2007, one of the biggest anime and manga convention in Germany, will take place from September 7th to 9th at the Kongress Palais in Kassel, Germany.

Source: ANN

From The Daily Cross Hatch comes part 1 of an interview with Paul Gravett, author of Manga: Sixty Years of Japanese Comics and his friend Nick Bertozzi.

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Deutsche Mangaka reports that Tokyopop Germany has licensed a few new manga, as well as some old works:

  • Daemonenjunge Lain (Demonboy Lain) by Natalie Wormsbecher - December 2007
  • Tylsim by Reyhan Yildirim - March 2008
  • Stupid Story by Anna Hollmann - March 2008
  • Liberty - Raised out of Dirt by Nheira - December 2007
  • Yonen Buzz United (special volume) by Christina Plaka - December 2007

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The 10th Bucheon International Comics Festival (BICOF 2007) is taking place from August 16th - August 19th at the Boksagol Culture Center in Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do. Many Chinese artists are attending this year's event to participate in a special China-Korea Illustration exhibition.

Also, the Dong-A Ilbo reports that the well-known Chinese artist Chenweidong is attending the event:

He is currently leading the "New-Chinese Comics" movement that strives to re-interpret Chinese history or traditional culture with a modern outlook.