March, 2007

Brigid Alverson's MangaBlog is two years old! In Brigid's own words:

Two years ago today, my husband showed me how to use WordPress and turned me loose with a blog of my own.

Nothing has been the same since.

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Ken Akamatsu's Mahou Sensei Negima! Part 1 (First Semester) ended in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine. According to Ken Akamatsu's online dairy (2/27 entry), Part 2 (Summer Break) will begin within a few weeks (possibly in Shonen Magazine issue 16, on sale 3/21).

Ken Akamatsu also mentioned on his dairy that a Negima-related surprise will be announced in April regarding "a plan that has never been done before."


MangaCast looks at a discussion regarding the correct type-set of "CLAMP" and the importance of an uniform style for manga-related terms. Irresponsible Pictures has an article on the same topic.

Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga 7 People’s Choice Award is now open to public voting. The voting will end on March 12, and the winning entry will be featured in the upcoming volume of Rising Stars of Manga, the winner will be awarded a cash prize of $500.

MangaCast translates the weekly Doujinshi ranking (03/03) in Japan according to Toranoana, and the weekly BL Doujinshi ranking (02/24) in Japan according to Toranoana's BL specialty store Princess Side.

Shueisha has announced that volume one of its Gintama manga has now sold over one million copies. One of the major factor behind the sudden increase in sales was the announcement of a Gintama anime. Volume 17 of Gintama will go on sale in Japan in March.

Source: ANS


ANS points out an article from Japan Now about how images of Captain Tsubasa are being used to keep water-delivering trucks from being attacked in Iraq. According to the article, Captain Tsubasa is very popular in Iraq, especially among the children.

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Manga Jouhou translates an interview with 07th Expansion, the group responsible for the popular doujin game Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. The original interview came from Akiba Blog's K, who is also a staff from the editorial department of Square Enix's Gan Gan Powered.

Anime News Network is looking to hire a full-time Associate News Editor who will be able to take over most of its news reporting. For more information visit ANN's Staff Opening page.

A manga adaptation of Production IG's anime Sisters of Wellber has begun serialization in Mag Garden's Monthly Comic Blade. The art is drawn by Naruse Takami, who won last year's Comic Blade NEO award for most promising artist.

Source: Animaxis

Del Rey will release the English edition of the Train Man (Densha Otoko) novel by Hitori Nakano April 24th. Currently three different versions of the Train Man manga are being released by Del Rey, Viz Media, and CMX.

Source: CMX

MangaBlog reports that Yen Press is planning to publish a new manga anthology sometime in 2008. The new magazine will feature 6 to 8 stories each issues.

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According to the preview page on the BJ website, Kei Toume's Sing Yesterday for Me will resume serialization in Business Jump issue 8 (3/15). Sing Yesterday for Me went on hiatus in September of 2006, and many thought the series ended for good due to the announcement message.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of its seinen manga magazine Young Sunday, Shogakukan has launched a special anniversary website at

Manga publisher Go! Comi has announced their first original series, "The Masque of the Red Death," written and drawn by Wendy Pini. Ms. Pini is the creator of "ElfQuest," one of the most popular and successful independent comics of all time. The announcement was made at New York Comic Con.

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San Jose, CA – March, 2007 DrMaster Publications Inc. and DGN Production Inc. have announced, Chinese Hero – Tales of the Blood Sword is now shipping! Volume #1 is a massive 280pgs. Twenty of those pages are additional material, introducing the world, character abilities and their motivation.

The wait is over. The sword has been drawn! And now, in a wash of crimson steel, an action-packed epic unfolds.

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Yaoi manga publisher Yaoi Press has announced a new joint venture with Korean manhwa publisher NETCOMICS. The new deal will have Yaoi Press titles featured on NETCOMICS' online website:

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Sovereign Media Inc. has announced a new magazine called Otaku USA Magazine. The magazine will "cover manga, anime, computer games and J-Pop, and it will be written by an American staff from an American point of view." According to the announcement, the new magazine's Editor-in-Chief will be Patrick Macias.

Source: ANN

The new comic release list for February 22 2007 from ComicList, compiled by MangaCast.

topSankei Web recently published a multi-part article on the famous anime and manga creator Leiji Matsumoto, who talks about the importance of copyrights. In Part 3, the article sums up its points and discuss what the future holds for both the industry and the consumers.

The Fear of Falling into the Abyss

"Big brother is similar to dad and both are silent /
Wonder if they sometimes drink together"

A line from a classic enka (Japanese ballard) song, "Kitaguni no haru."

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