January, 2007

topJapanese fans recently pointed out similarities between Rin Yoshii's manga Switch and photographs from the November 06 issue of the fashion magazine Sweet. This week the editorial department of Cookie (the magazine Switch is serialized in) sent out a letter confirming the plagiarism. As a result Switch will be dropped from Cookie, Rin Yoshii's two other series, Kurabeyou mo Nai Hodo ni (So Incomparable) and silent summer snow, will also be temporarily suspended to be checked for possible plagiarized content.

The images in question appeared in 2007 Issue 1 of Shueisha's Cookie magazine, some comparison can be seen here:

[ Original Image ] [ Switch Image ]
[ Comparison 1 ] [ Comparison 2 ] [ Comparison 3 ] [ Comparison 4 ]

The apology letter from the Cookie Editorial Department:

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Random House's UK imprint Tanoshimi has announced that it will ask the fans to vote on what manga it should publish next, the choices are:

  • Genshiken
  • Kagetora
  • Othello
  • Wallflower

Voting begins on February 7th on Tanoshimi's website. One lucky voters will be able to win a Nintendo DS Lite.

Source: Otaku News

Nikkei.net reports that the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC), the organization that manages music copyright, along with 16 other similar organizations, are planning to create a centralized database for "art," "photography," "scenarios" and "manga."

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topIn the March issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Shonen Ace, an announcement was made that Guyver, the long-running sci-fi manga by by Yoshiki Takaya, will finally resume serialization in the April issue of the magazine.

Guyver first began serialization in Tokuma Shoten's Shonen Captain in 1985. It moved to Kadokawa Shoten's Shonen Ace after Shonen Captain was discontinued.

Due to its irregular release schedules, Guyver is dubbed by many fans as one of the four kings of hiatus (the other three being Bastard!!, The Five Star Stories, and Hunter X Hunter).

Japanese broadcast company NTV has announced that the cooking manga Bambino!, by Sekiya Tetsuji, will be adapted into a TV drama. The lead character will be played by Matsumoto Jun, a member of the popular boy band Arashi.

Source: ANN

Gardena, CA, January 30, 2007 –Digital Manga Publishing, one of the industry's most innovative manga licensing and publishing companies, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Ryoji Hido's Heroes Are Extinct!

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Ghibli World has posted a detailed report on the recent passing away of Animage founder and Editor-in-Chief Hideo Ogata, including his history, achievements, and messages from Studio Ghibli.

During the 25th Next Generation World Hobby Fair held in the University of Tokyo's Association Hall from January 20 to 21, Shogakukan announced a new magazine titled Nekketsu!! Coro Coro Densetsu that's aimed at "adults in their 20's-30's and [will] collect and compile classic [...] manga from the 1970's through the mid 1990's." The first volume will be released on May 25th, current lineup includes Doraemon, Dodge Danpei, Obake no Q-taro and Bikkuriman. (Note this year also marks the 30th anniversary of Shogakukan's Monthly Coro Coro Comics)

Source: ANS

Manga Jouhou translates an article from Tokyo Newspaper on the free manga magazine Comic Gumbo, and how it will affect the publication industry.

NEW YORK, NY – January 30, 2007 – Del Rey Manga, an imprint of Random House Inc. and one of the premiere publishers of manga in the U.S., announced today the acquisition of MAKE 5 WISHES, created in collaboration with platinum-selling and Grammy Award-nominated recording artist Avril Lavigne.

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Broccoli Books has announced plans to do a second print of Yoki Koto Kiku. The reprints will come with many extras complete with an exclusive interview with Koge-Donbo.

To celebrate its one year anniversary, manhwa publisher NETCOMICS has announced several events that will take place in January:

- Free chapter previews
- Write reviews to win autographed books
- Buy manga and win $10 NETCOMICS e-cash.

Source: AoD

A month ago PEACH-PIT's Rozen Maiden went on hiatus in Gentosha's Comic BIRZ magazine, with a message from PEACH-PIT that said: "Our work has been suspended, if the editorial team decides to explain the situation, it will be in the next issue [of Comic BIRZ], until then we cannot disclose any details regarding the matter, it is very regrettable."

The March issue of Comic BIRZ has been released, and while Rozen Maiden did not appear in the magazine or the preview for the next issue, the only explanation available was a small message in the TOC (Table of Contents): "Suspension due to circumstances."

MangaCast translates the weekly Doujinshi ranking in Japan (01/28) according to Princess Side, compiled by Toranoana's BL specialty store.

A new anime block similar to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, called OTACRAZE, will premier on Brazilian Play TV on March 5, 2007 from Cloverway.

Cloverway General Manager Daniel Catañeda remarked: "We are negotiating OTACRAZE for all of Latin America, but Brazil will be the country where it all starts."

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The Comics Reporter reports that Non Non Ba by Shigeru Mizuki became the first manga to win the prize for Best Album (Prix du Meilleur Album) at the Festival International de la Bande Dessinee in Angouleme, France.

Source: MangaBlog

Frrom Tokyopop comes an interview with Banri Sendo and Shibuko Ebara, the female mangaka duo known as PEACH-PIT (Rozen Maiden, DearS)

Icarus Blog reports that Studio Proteus has licensed two new adult manga:

- Take on Me by Sesshu Takemura
- Milk Mama by Yukiyanagi (Yanagi Yuki)

Shonen SiriusStarting in the March issue (1/16) of Shonen Sirius of Kodansha's Shonen Sirius is a manga titled Route 225, based on the novel of the same name written by Chiya Fujino and illustrated by Takako Shimura.

Also starting in the same issue is a new manga titled Kaidan to Odorou Soshite Anata ha Kaidan de Odoru. The new manga is illustrated by Nozawa Beam and written by Ryukishi07, the original creator of 07th Expansion's popular doujin game Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

Kaidan to Odorou Soshite Anata ha Kaidan de Odoru was originally published in volume 6 of Kodansha's magazine Faust as a novel written by Ryukishi07.

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Otaku News has posted a press release of UK manga publisher Tanoshimi's February 2007 new releases.

The winners of the "Doraemon Secret Tools Design Contest" were announced on December 21st 2006 during an episode of the Doraemon anime. However, a woman who won the "Nice Idea Prize" was angered by one of the sponsors, TV Asahi, when she called up TV Asahi's customer service desk and was treated rudely. Later the woman complained about the incident in her blog, which raised many discussions regarding the topic.

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TSUTAYA, the Japanese chain of rental stores operated by Culture Convenience Club (CCC), has announced plans to rent manga to customers. According to the announcement, the service will be available at 100 TSUTAYA stores, with each store offering rentals of over 30,000 manga. Currently customers are allowed to rent out manga for 4 days at a rate of 60 yen per book.

Source: Animaxis


American Library Association's Young Adult Library Services Association division has released its "2007 Great Graphic Novels for Teens" list. MangaBlog has compiled a list of all the manga series on the ALA list, while Precocious Curmudgeon rearranged the list by publishers.