April, 2006

Fujimi Shobo will release a special edition of its DRAGON AGE magazine, titled DRAGON AGE Pure.

The first issue will be released on January 30th, and it will come with a special figurine of Karin (a character from a manga serialized in Dragon Age), a figurine of a character from the manga SPAS-PA (serialized in Dragon Age magazine) and a SPAS-PA Special Edition booklet.

Hekitensha, a publishing company which dealt primarily with joint publications and self-financed works, had ceased operations around the middle of last month, and filed for bankruptcy on the 31st of March. This started off a chain reaction which resulted in two other publishers filing for bankruptcy protection effective April 5th in Tokyo District Court: Biblos, an affiliate company that handled Boy's Love publications and which Hiroaki Yamamoto, president of Hekitensha, was the CEO of, and Highland, a creditor company which also dealt with Boy's Love material. There is no word yet on what will happen to other affiliate companies of Hekitensha, such as the e-book publisher Bibloport.

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Oricon poll, the topic is "Who's Your Favorite Mangaka/Manga?":

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