April, 2006

The release date of Takeshi Obata's Blanc et Noir has been moved from 5/2 to 5/31. The special edition Death Box's release date is still May 2nd.

imgAn interview with Hikaru Sato, whose manga Edomae no Shun is currently serialized in Weekly Manga Goraku:

This month, through writer Yoshihiro Takahashi'€™s introduction, we interviewed Hikaru Sato. He is currently writing a long series called €"Edomae no Shun"€, the theme of which is based on heart-warming sushi and humanity. It is currently published in Weekly Manga Goraku.

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Play Magazine Online has posted an interview with Andy Seto - the creator for The Four Constables. [ Full Interview ]

After four decades of generating worldwide recognition as a rock music icon, Grace Slick has emerged to begin her new career as a fine artist. Her original paintings and lithographs of musicians and fantasy imagery have been turning heads in the fine art world and just as her
popularity skyrocketed throughout her years as a singer/songwriter, so has the demand for her signature art.

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Free Action and Anime Broadband Service, Available at ToonamiJetstream.com Beginning July 17, to Offer 24/7 Streaming Episodes of Top-Rated Series

Toonami Jetstream to be Exclusive U.S. Broadband Home to Series Naruto, Samurai Jack, Hikaru no Go, MA„R, The Prince of Tennis and More

San Francisco, CA, April 25, 2006 - Cartoon Network and VIZ Media announced a joint venture called Toonami Jetstream, a new broadband service that will provide on-demand, full-length streaming episodes of a number of hit anime and action series, including acclaimed hit series Naruto and Samurai Jack. In addition, users will also be able to watch full-length episodes of series like Hikaru No Go, MA„R and The Prince of Tennis that are not currently offered on U.S. broadcast or basic cable television. In this joint venture, Cartoon Network and VIZ Media will jointly manage and administer acquisitions and programming.

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img20th Century Boys, the latest manga from Naoki Urasawa (mankaga of Monster, Pluto), has been serialized in Shogakukan's Big Comic Spirit for 7 years. This month, without any announcements or promotion, the final chapter of 20th Century Boys was suddenly released in issue 21+22 of Big Comic Spirit.

While the ending may be a surprise to many, according to a note in the same issue of Big Comic Spirit, the next part of the series will resume in Spring 2007.

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According to Shounen Sunday, Detective Conan (Case Closed) will be on break for two months as its creator Gosho Aoyama takes a break.

Source: ANN

Dark Horse Comics - in conjunction with adidas - is pleased to announce the debut in May 2006 of a very special custom Dark Horse shoe and track jacket. Part of adidas' "adicolor" collection that features a number of footwear collaborations between adidas Originals and a diverse group of partners - all icons from the worlds of fashion and art - the Dark Horse Comics adicolor was designed by Dark Horse President, Mike Richardson and the Dark Horse design team.

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To all our fans and friends, you all know DQ for the yaoi/boys' love manga that we publish. It is our hope that you will also embrace the wonderful manhwa (man-hwa) stories that we will be bringing out this summer. The manhwa titles from DQ will be some of the best stories from some very talented Korean authors.

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Kodansha will be starting a new free web comic, MiChao!, through its MouRa website, which will open on April 27th. MaChao!, updated every Saturday, will be providing its user with free manga and illustrations, along with other contents such as photogravure, fortune-telling, and novels. Unlike other web-based manga service before, MaChao! will serialize original titles, some will even be created by well-known authors.

V Asahi / ABC will be airing Dear Doraemon Specials on April 21st and 28th with the old Doreamon voice cast.

Saint Seiya will be revived in next week's Shounen Champion. Unlike the recent Saint Saiya Episode G by Okada Megumu (serializes in Champion Red), here, this time the original creator for Saint Seiya, Masami Kurumada, will be responsible for the revival.

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San Jose, CA EApril, 2006, Manga publisher, DrMaster Publications has announced the release of Stray Little Devil, an ongoing manga adventure series centered on Pam, a young Devil in training trapped in a fantasy world where humans are mere myth.

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Comi-Digi (petit-) will be renewed once again. The new name will be Comi-Digi+ (plus), and will be released on April 21. The color pages will contain KogeDonbo's "Kon Kon Kokon." Two chapters of Galaxy Angel 3rd (a total of 72 pages and a cover page) will also appear in this issue.

Official Movie Website
Death Note Artbook - Blanc et Noir (5/2)

A press conference for the movie Death Note was held recently. 9 casts attended, including Fujiwara Tatsuya, Matsuyama Ken'ichi, and Seto Asaka. Shinigami Ryuk was also present.

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- Shindo by Sasou Akira will be adapted into a movie. Narumi Riko (13) will be playing the main role.

- Wild Life by Fujisaki Masato will be adapted into a drama CD. The first volume will be released on July 21.

- Pumpkin Scissors by Iwanaga Ryotaro will be adapted into an Anime.

- The game "

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Special/Limited Edition Tankoubon Release information.

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Moetan's author POP has released a picturebook called "POP WORLD Fushigi no Kuni no Alice."


New Manga sites and Promotional Videos.

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Kadokawa Shoten is planning a second "Blood+ Campaign," as a total of 5 Blood+ titles will be released simultaneously at the end on this month:

April 26: BLOOD+ (2), BLOOD+ A Adajio, BLOOD+ Yakou Joushi
May 1:

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Shakugan no Shana volume 2 Special Edition will be released on June 20. The Special Edition will come with the extra book "Grimoire." It will total 108 pages and costs 893 yen.

An all-cat magazine, Manga Nekomanma, released by Nihon Shuppansha, will start its publication on April 17.

According to publishing-industry news source Shinbunka Online, Animate, a vendor dealing in anime-related merchandise, is set to purchase the B-Boy franchise from the publisher Biblos, which recently filed for bankruptcy.
According to Shinbunka, a contract was signed between Animate and a bankruptcy receiver on the 19th, and Animate will establish a new company to carry on the B-Boy business.

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Shogakugan is planning to start 2 lines of light novels in Fall 2007:

Gagaga - Shounen light novels

Lululu - Shoujo light novels

The official site can be found at http://gagaga-lululu.jp/. Currently Shogakugan is seeking submission for the "1st Shogakugan Annual Light Novel Prix".

As previously reported, Movida Entertainment of Soft Bank Group has announced the new monthly manga magazine Shounen Blood. The first issue will be released on April 12 for 290 yen. At the same time, Keitai Blood (cell phone, 315 yen, contains the same contents as the magazine

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